I really loved Daniel Pink’s book, Drive. It had new but fascinating ideas that I’d not read before, about the truth of what motivates us. Good stuff to use both personally and professionally.

What’s not to love about thinking that motivation can be based on purpose and mastery.

This video is the book’s beating heart:

We Listed Our Rewards

We Listed Our Rewards

$1 —
 You helped change the world with a story, and we’ll let the world know it with a thank you in the back of the novel we write during Fiction Unboxed. This list, titled “These People Changed the World With a Story,” will appear in all digital and print versions of the book. For $1, the world will know what you did forever.

$5 — THE ABOVE, PLUS a digital download of the finished novel we write during the “Fiction Unboxed” project.

$19 — ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS a digital download containing the complete transcripts from all of our story meetings, the novel’s drafts, all of our story-related emails, and transcripts of everything else that all-access participants will watch unfold live during Fiction Unboxed — essentially, a detailed record of everything we did in Fiction Unboxed to take a novel from vapor to paper.

$49 — ** NO-BRAINER LEVEL – ALL ACCESS PASS! ** ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS unrestricted access to the live, 30-day Fiction Unboxed experience. At this level, you’ll actually watch every little detail of a story’s birth and growth as we write our novel day by day, with nothing held back. You’ll see every single step of the process as our book is produced. You’ll watch video of every meeting we have about the story’s framing, plot, and direction. You’ll read every email sent between us. You’ll experience every word of our rough draft on the same day it was written, and see the story’s ongoing edit, polish, and copy edit as those stages are finished. Watch our “live-write” sessions and eavesdrop on our cover discussions, marketing meetings, and all the stupid things we say when we forget that others are listening.

$99 — ** NO BRAINER LEVEL PLUS! ** ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS the Realm & Sands and Collective Inkwell digital libraries (22 books) and an audiobook version of the finished fiction novel read by Ray Chase.

$194 — ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS a paperback print copy of the novel we write during Fiction Unboxed, a paperback print volume containing all the transcripts and drafts described in the $19 level (this will be a HUGE, shelf-ready volume perfect for adding to your writers’ reference collection!), a ticket to our “Improv Happy Hour” where you can throw your story ideas at us and we’ll help you turn them into workable stories in front of a live audience, a digital copy of every book published by Realm & Sands and Collective Inkwell for the next twelve months, and an “I Changed The World With a Story” tee-shirt.

$297 — ** PARTICIPATION LEVEL ** ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS participation in the process! At this level, you’ll join us as we shape our novel. Everyone at the lower levels will be able to hear the questions and answers during our live Q&As, but at this level, YOU will be the one asking the questions… and when we ask, “So what sort of story should we write?” or “What genre should it be?” or “What do you think of this title?”, you’ll be the one casting your votes.

$981 — ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS a LIMITED HARDBACK EDITION, SIGNED of the novel we produce during the project, THE HARDBOUND TRANSCRIPTS SIGNED, our six favorite CI and R&S books in print, signed by the authors, and a one-hour, private story hangout with Sean, Johnny, and Dave, where we’ll help you take your story idea from good to great.

$5,000 — ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS a weekend story workshop in Austin, Texas with Sean, Johnny, and Dave. We’ll only stop to eat and sleep. A long weekend of nothing but story.

$10,000 —ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS the SPP Team will personally edit and polish YOUR manuscript, craft you a personalized marketing plan, design your cover, prep your book for print, and host you on our podcast to tell your story and promote!

I Am Just So Stupid Excited …

I Am Just So Stupid Excited …

… About everything right now.

I can’t shut my brain off, and don’t think I could slow if I wanted to.

And I totally don’t want to.

I really like this part of the curve, when I have to keep my big nose down and think faster.

The bundle ideas are gelling, they took a turn today that I didn’t see coming, and I really, really love it.

I’m hoping everything fits as neatly together as I want it to. I have to articulate the offer, design the pages, have them built, and get them camera ready in time for Fiction Unboxed to get approved by Kickstarter and still make the April 22nd launch date.

It’s getting tight.

But wow, I feel so creatively happy. Sparked. Grinning.

It was just me and Ethan for baseball today. Kid plays like a rockstar. I had a great time watching him.

He slammed the ball hard, and made it to third. He got pegged and walked, and tagged another kid out. He also stole third.

In between all of that, I worked on the bundles, read some of Hooked, and mapped out a ton more of Atlas. 

I am so very lucky (and stupid excited).

Until tomorrow …