My Podcast

We’re as surprised as anyone, but with a 4.9 out of 5-star average on iTunes, we must be doing something right. Infrequently off-topic, often NSFW, and always authentic. The Self-Publishing Podcast is three guys telling you what does and doesn’t work for them. Click here to visit The Self-Publishing Podcast. 

My Books

One of my creative partners loves dark horror and sci-fi. The other loves to write everything. My children, Ethan and Haley deserve to read my words, too. With the Collective Inkwell, Realm & Sands, and Guy Incognito, I have three canvases to paint on, and my imagination knows no bounds. Click here to see all of my books. 

My Diary

In 2013 I helped usher nearly two-million words to market. I couldn’t promise my wife and best friend, Cindy that I would write any less in 2014, but I did promise to slow down slightly, and make more of those words more personal. I live a life of words, and will articulate some of it here. Click here to get more personal.